The following shows are ones that I know I’d love. Based on friends and reviews, they are right up my alley. Now that I work from home and have a kid, sitting down to watch a TV show (either on TV or on the computer) seems like a luxury. I feel like there are better ways I should spend my time … and yet, these are calling out to me in the still of the night: “Waaaatch meeee….. you’lll loooove me and laaaauugh still your siiiides hurt ….” (I’m not sure why they call out to me like ghosts, but I just go with it.)

30 Rock (NBC)

Modern Family (ABC)

Parks & Recreation (NBC)

Community (NBC)

Friday Night Lights (NBC)

A few random thoughts:

  • “Friday Night Lights” is the only non-comedy. I like to laugh. If I’m going to watch a series or a movie, it better be good if it’s not funny. Conversely, it can be bad and funny and I’ll still watch it. I like to laugh.
  • I’ve never thought to consider which network is pumping out the shows I would most like, but apparently NBC’s the big winner here.
  • I have seen a handful of 30 Rocks and Parks & Recreations and enjoyed them (“30 Rock” especially) but it’s just committing to watch them all that’s the hard part.
  • In the case of some shows like “Mad Men” or “Lost,” you feel like it’s just too late to watch if you’re not watching from the beginning with the rest of the world. Part of the fun is interacting with your friends as they follow the show as well. (Then again, I don’t regret a minute of watching “Arrested Development” even after it was no longer on air.)

What show do you really want to watch or follow but haven’t?